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UK Pharmaceutical Licensing Registration

Description and Benefits: It is generally believed that the government of the United Kingdom exercises one of the strictest and most demanding application processes when it comes to pharmaceutical registration. The purpose of our business is to help pharmaceutical companies from around the world with their UK medicinal or medical product applications. Successful registration will enhance medicinal or medical product’s reputation and allow it to enter the European markets as well as an easy access to other target markets.

Our Advantages: CMC is the first multilingual medical consulting company that provides licensing service to pharmaceutical companies from all countries. We simplify and streamline the application process and help our customers obtain the license with the least time and effort.

International Marketing and Sales

Description and Benefits: With its special characteristics, the importation and exportation of pharmaceutical drugs are strictly regulated and monitored. Using an experienced agency to import/export and buy/sell the licensed medicinal or medical product helps you retain your goal of business expansion without any hassles.

Our Advantages: CMC has more than 20 years of international marketing and sales experience, and has a developed an exclusive supply chain across the world. We work with multiple suppliers and buyers, and are looking forward to further expanding our business networking.