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Cold relief

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  1. Benylin Cold And Flu Max

    Benylin Cold and Flu Max help to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. They provide fast and effective relief your headache, aches and pains, fever, sore throat and nasal congestion. These capsules contain paracetamol to ease pain and high temperatures, phenylephrine that works as a decongestant and caffeine that acts as a stimulant to ease fatigue and tiredness.
  2. Day & Night Nurse Capsules Duo 24s

    Day & Night Nurse Capsules Duo 24s provides symptomatic relief of colds and influenza during both day and night. It helps to provide relief from all the symptoms of a cold and the flu, including headaches, sore throat pain, tickly coughs, and blocked nose. How it works? Day capsules: These capsules offer a non-drowsy treatment to treat a variety of symptoms such as tickly coughs and blocked nose. As they are non-drowsy, it helps to go through your day in relaxing comfort. Night nurse capsules: These capsules help to relieve fever, sore throat pain, headaches, and tickly cough, so you can get a good night's sleep.
  3. Day Nurse Capsules 20s

    Day Nurse Capsules 20s provide symptomatic relief for colds and flus without having a drowsy effect. It contains the active ingredients paracetamol, pseudoephedrine, and pholcodine. Complete daytime relief. Aches, Pains, Blocked or runny nose, Sore throat Headache, Tickly cough
  4. Happinose Balm Nasal Congestion Relief

    Happinose Balm Nasal Congestion Relief contains the active ingredient, levomenthol, that produces a cooling sensation in the nasal passages. Its moisturising properties also help to soothe the irritated skin around the nose. Balanced formula for soothing congestion. Happinose Balm Nasal Congestion Relief contains cineole (eucalyptol), geranium oil, white soft paraffin, and light liquid paraffin along with levomenthol to help ease your congestion with a pleasant smell. Easy to carry. Happinose Balm Nasal Congestion Relief can be easily carried with you on the go. It is especially ideal for air travel, as the ointment can be used inside the nostrils, protecting you from airborne germs. Versatile use. Happinose Balm can be used in and around the nose, on the lips, throat, chest and between the shoulders to help ease your congestion.
  5. Lemsip All In One Mucus Sachets

    Lemsip All In One Mucus Sachets provides a warm, soothing hot drink to give effective relief for cold symptoms and mucus cough. Made from a delicious lemon flavour, these sachets help to provide soothing relief whether you're at home or on-the-go.
  6. Lemsip Cold & Flu Blackcurrant Sachets

    Lemsip Cold & Flu Blackcurrant Sachets - These blackcurrant sachets from Lemsip are a fruity way to treat your cold and flu symptoms. They can be used to treat headaches, fever, blocked nose, sore throats and contains paracetamol for those uncomfortable body aches and pains. Fluids are very important when you are feeling ill so this hot blackcurrant drink also keeps your fluid levels topped up.
  7. Lemsip Cold & Flu Lemon Sachets

    Lemsip Cold & Flu tackles all cold and flu symptoms, including blocked or runny noses, sore throats, headaches and aches in the muscles. As it is essential to keep your fluid intakes topped up in order to recover and feel better, Lemsip have the perfect remedy to get you drinking plenty of fluids that will also alleviate your symptoms.
  8. Night Nurse Capsules 10s

    Night Nurse provides fast night-time relief from common cold and flu symptoms including: Tickly coughs, Runny nose, Shivers and aching, Sore throat, Headaches, Taking a capsule before bed helps relieve your symptoms, allowing you to sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.
  9. Night Nurse Liquid 160ml

    Night Nurse Liquid 160ml helps clear flu symptoms and improves your sleep so that your body can regain its strength and heal naturally. All night relief, Tickly coughs, Headache, Shivers, aches, and pains, Sore throat, Runny nose, Aids restful sleep
  10. Sinutab Non Drowsy Tablets

    Sinutab Non Drowsy Tablets are formulated to relieve pain and also help with the symptoms of congestion in the sinuses. These tablets help to provide effective relief from the symptoms of common cold, influenza, hay fever, and sinusitis. As, they are developed with non-drowsy formula, these tablets help you go through your day without any feeling of drowsiness.
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