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We are a medical consulting company. Everything we do is focused on creating a better environment and more opportunities for medical businesses.

CMC at A Glance

We serve the most advanced medical organizations around the world by helping them with their licensing registration and with their follow-on marketing and sales.

What We Do

We specialise in licensing registration for traditional herbal medicine and other medicinal products, and in helping our customers around the world to introduce their products and services into their target markets.

Where We Are

With the headquarter being located in the United Kingdom, we are now seeking international expansion into China, the United States and every other major regions around the world.

Company Strategy

CMC operates in a growing market for sharing of advanced medicinal and medical products.

Guiding Principles

Our three guiding principles are what we believe in and the way we are working.

Serving for the best –With thorough inspection and conscientious examination, we will choose the best medical products or services from our prestigious customers and help them enter and reach their target markets.

Acting with responsibility – We work in a responsible and sustainable way and treat every case we take and every client we serve with honesty and fairness. We have an ethical approach to the way we operate and aim to include social responsibility in the company principles.

Excelling in what we do – As a pioneer in this field, we aim to achieve the highest satisfaction for our customers.

Market Trends

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the development, production and marketing of medicinal and medical products. Thus, its immense importance as a global sector is inarguable. In 2014, total pharmaceutical revenues worldwide had exceeded one trillion U.S. dollars for the first time. North America is responsible for the largest portion of these revenues, due to the leading role of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. However, as in many other industries, the Chinese pharmaceutical sector has shown the highest growth rates over previous years. (https://www.statista.com/topics/1764/global-pharmaceutical-industry/)